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Wooo, class schedules are on WebAdvisor now! I have 3D with Coolidge, 2D with Weller, and Drawing with Elyashiv. The liberal arts classes are still TBA. I'm kinda discouraged cause on all three of my teachers got :(

I'm thinking maybe they're disgruntled students? Atleast I hope...

Anyone else?
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Thanks for letting us know!

3D: Szosz
2D: Beerman
Drawing: Stryker
English: Craghead
3D: Lasch :)
2D: Immonen :)
Drawing: Lazarek :(
Eng: Carr :|
Art Hist: Capmbell no entries for her
I have:

3D with Wood
2D with Maloney...but there seem to be two J. Maloneys teaching 2D, so I don't know which one it is
Drawing with Mills
English with Highfield
Art Hist is still TBA

All of them have pretty good reviews except Wood.
3D Jones
2D Massey
Drawing Hollinshead
Art His Ward
English Methot

Hmm...dont know what any of this means to go check
Same teachers as you for first semester. Woot?

We're in the same section!
Im in your section also!

I'm Nikki by the way...
And I, Adam.
Ill be the 24 year old freshman. =)
Wow, that sound so weird.

3D N.Haley
2D J.Maloney
Drawing A. De Credico
Postcolonial Literature 1 J. Highfield
Art and archit. history 1 D. Bright

All seem to be good teachers according to
soory for an awkwardly late reply to this comment -- but your line up of teachers is so hot! im jealous... but im already a junior so i guess i cant go back. hehe.
3D coolidge
2D seller
drawing lara
english methot
art and arch history ward

i shouldnt be in english 101 they got my transcript and i talked to them too... who should i call? my advisor?
I have all the same teachers as you, so I guess we're in the same section!
awesome! new friend! :)
: ) as do I..

2d and drawing teachers seem good.. D. Coolidge worries me (according to she is very dull, unclear, and does not speak much : / )
drawing: Elyashiv
3d: Goodwin
2d: Massey
postcolonial lit: Highfield
art history: Giese
anyone else in this section?
(Hey, im new to this.. Homer 202 / Facebook Alex Griffith)
This might sound stupid, but are we supposed to do anything with the 'submit' button? -__-